Our story began with Joost Baakman’s passion for antiques that drove his entire life and led him to building a successful business in Holland. In 1995, just after Romania became a market economy, he teamed up with his younger cousin Gijsbert Huijink, an economist with a special love for Eastern Europe. Together they started the production of furniture, upholstery and decorative articles in Romania. Our latest step has been to import special products from colleague producers around the world. These are selected by Trudy Boos, an artist at heart and a lover of natural materials, beautiful colors and crafts since her teens.


We have one earth and aim to take good care of it so we work predominantly with honest and sustainable materials and strive to produce products that last. Inspiration is taken from Scandinavian Summers, Catalan Winters, and traditional crafts.

The focus is on items made of natural materials - wood, metal, glass, ceramic, wool, cotton, linen, leather. All our designs come out of close collaboration with our long term clients. Our experienced craftsmen and women play an important role in this process. We're proud their traditional knowledge combined with modern technology allows us to offer high quality products with a flexibility in colour, fabric and detail.

We call ourselves FAIN,  which in Romanian is used to describe something as pleasant or enjoyable, something of good quality and style. In English this would be ‘fine’ or ‘fein’ in German, words that have similar meanings and pronunciation.